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Case Tractor Parts-Part of a Farm Tractor Conglomerate for Almost Two Centuries

Author: Fred R

Founded in 1831, Case became the largest manufacturer of the steam engine in 1882 and the first gas Case tractor was built in 1892. Case has a long history that involves consolidations with the International Harvester brand, Farmall brand tractors, Steiger tractors and the tell tale colors of yellow and red paint tractors that became popular with the introduction of the Harvester red #50 paint in 1936. Even though the yellow and red paints were lead based paint and eventually discontinued, Case tractor parts are actively bought and sold, especially in the antique tractor market and the Case IH Company is still in existence.

For tractor enthusiasts, many farmers had favorite brands of tractors, whether they were the red Case tractors, the yellow International Harvester tractors or the green Steiger tractors. In the tractor world, colors were part of a trademark, just like orange belonged to Allis Chalmers. The distinction was more than that for many that loved the old and antique farm tractors-they run deep in the passion to restore and keep them running. Case tractor parts for these old tractors can make the difference in thousands of dollars, when it comes to re-selling them as a fully restored antique tractor that rivals the cost of some newer models.

Because of the Internet, you can find these older Case tractor parts and many other brands of tractor parts. The cost of these antique tractors when they were originally new cost many farmers a large share of their income and were viewed as an investment used to provide for their family, when they were in the farming occupation. Today, these tractors are still an investment and in many cases, they are worth more than they were new, proportionately.

Case tractor parts are necessary when you are restoring a Case tractor because only restoration to original condition can fetch such high prices on the collector market, as far as antique tractors goes. Much like restoring an old classic car, restoration is only complete with original parts that are from the same manufacturer and make the tractor functional. Case has managed to survive as a farm tractor manufacturer, and the consolidation with International Harvester makes them better known as Case IH tractors, but original Case tractors are still in use and many of the antique Case tractors are still working tractors on some smaller farms.

If you are looking for those missing parts to restore an antique Case tractor, rest assured, you can find them. Luckily, there are Case tractor aficionados that have a strong passion for the Case tractor parts to keep these workhorses functioning. This is crucial to keep the older tractors functioning, when manufacturers are desperate for farmers to buy the new models and have the motivation to make parts scarce. The life of a farm tractor can be longer than most automobiles, and some farm tractors have been in families for years and are still functioning tractors. If this is the case, the availability of Case tractor parts is even more important.

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